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A taste of Toronto in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah -- Toronto's film critics might be tickled to know that their just-published book, Our Words on Film, is now available for sale here in Park City, surely one of the most the film-obsessed towns in the world. The city is, after all, the annual home of the Sundance Film Festival, now celebrating its 34th year.

Our Words on Film is the brainchild of Toronto Star film critic Peter Howell, who just completed his first year as president of the Toronto Film Critics Association. The book, edited by Howell's colleague Jenny Punter, is a collection of the best work of nearly three dozen Toronto critics who belong to the association. It's a good read, offering a wide range of subject matter in the form of film reviews, features, interviews, analyses, personal stories and other commentary. I highly recommend it for anyone fascinated by film and the critical process. (It is available for sale for $20 in Toronto at the store on the first floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox on King St. W.)

In Park City, Our Words on Film is for sale at Dolly's Bookstore on historic Main Street in the old part of town. When in Park City, Dolly's is a must visit. (Not the least because one door to the bookstore leads you through a high-end chocolate shop -- and when I say high end, I mean très, très cher. This week, chocolate chip cookies were going for about $5 American apiece and a single almond-chocolate cluster -- like a Turtle -- set me back more than $4 U.S. It was pretty darn awesome, though.)

Aside from the sweets, though, Dolly's is one of my favourite bookshops anywhere. It has an eclectic selection of all types of books, including a charming children's section, and, during the festival, it serves as a venue for authors who have written books about film to read from and sign their books. The store's staff are welcoming and helpful, and they're happy to gift wrap your selection. Lastly, If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of the handsome but shy cats that live full time at the shop. Exit through the chocolate shop.

M.L. Bream photo

Our Words on Film, edited by Jennie Punter, is a book conceived by Toronto Film Critics Association president Peter Howell to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary. The book is for sale in Dolly's Bookstore in Park City, Utah, and in Toronto at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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