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The Women's March at Sundance 2017

Park City, Utah — On Saturday, Jan. 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as the new president of the United States, women (and lots of children and men, too) gathered in cities across America and around the world to demand that women’s rights not be rolled back by the new U.S. administration.

Here in Park City, a 45-minute car ride up the hill from Salt Lake City, several thousand people gathered on a cold and snowy day to protest Trump and his stated plans to take away rights and freedoms that now considered to be the norm.

Here are some photos from that event.

sundance march

M.L. Bream/Night Vision

With snow falling steadily, protesters gather at the top of Main St. in Park City, Utah, on Saturday, before joining the march and demonstration against new U. S. President Donald Trump.

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