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Top 10 films so far this year — No. 8 is a huge surprise

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

If anyone told me back in January that toy doll Barbie and cartoon plumbers Super Mario Bros. would be cinema superstars in 2023 while “The Flash” fizzled and “Indiana Jones” got whipped, I’d have asked what brand of psychedelic gummy bears they were snacking on.

It’s been that kind of year at the movies so far. But it’s also been a satisfying one, beginning with Sundance breakout “Past Lives” in January, which arrived in theatres in June and is still playing. A wealth of films big and small have made a post-pandemic trek to the theatre worth the effort, even as the strikes in Hollywood rage on.

I’ve limited my list to films that had at least a brief theatrical experience in Toronto. I’ve left out 2022 favourites such as “Close” and “Living,” which opened here early this year but which I’ve previously raved about. Make a point of seeing them, too, along with these newer delights:

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(Originally published in the Toronto Star.)


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