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"New Order" is a dystopian shocker that dares us not to look away

New Order

Starring Naian González Norvind, Diego Boneta, Mónica del Carmen, Fernando Cuautle, Eligio Meléndez and Darío Yazbek. Written and directed by Michael Franco. Streaming on multiple services, including Apple TV+, Amazon Plus Video and YouTube. 85 minutes. R


Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Writer/director Michel Franco ("Chronic," "After Lucia") presents a dystopian thriller where the poor and downtrodden of his homeland Mexico violently rise up against the rich and uncaring.

It begins with a close-up of an abstract painting by Omar Rodriguez-Graham that depicts chaos and war that only death stops.

Franco, an uncompromising filmmaker, maintains his bleak outlook through a nightmare drama of civil unrest: a rich vs. poor vs. military confrontation that splinters loyalties.

Paying riveting testament to the madness of modern times, it dares us not to look away. 🌓

(This review originally ran in the Toronto Star.)



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