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Is Brad Pitt really just going for coffee? ☕️

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Actor Brad Pitt is getting caffeineated and cash-infused in his side hustle as global brand ambassador for Italian coffee machine company De’Longhi.

He also seems to be having a good time, keeping us guessing what his wordless mini-stories (otherwise known as ads) are all about, as he drives great distances to purchase a single bag of coffee beans. The man loves his brew.

His latest coffee run is the best yet. He’s seen wheeling his vintage green Lancia Flaminia convertible through the French countryside, in search of a bag of the finest Arabica coffee beans. A whistling tune by Oscar-winning composer Justin Hurwitz (“La La Land”) imparts a breezy European vacation feel to the soft-focus cinematography.

Pitt arrives at the home (or shop) of an older man who knows him well and who greets him warmly.

The man engages Pitt in animated conversation while filling a paper sack with coffee beans.

No cash is seen changing hands, but as the two enjoy espressos together, the older man reaches into a drawer beneath the table he and Pitt are sitting at. Inside is an envelope with the name “Emma” on it, a letter to a woman by that name.

The older man hands it Pitt, asking him to deliver it to Emma. Pitt responds with a surprised look and a smile.

We next see Pitt at a winery greeting Emma, played by European actress Karina Beuthe Orr, the 1993 winner of the Miss Belgian Beauty contest. The two evidently know each other very well. Pitt hands Emma the letter.

Emma gives Pitt a smile but also a look of anticipation — or maybe skepticism?

Pitt smiles back as Emma reads the letter. He seems to already know what it says.

Overcome with joy, Emma embraces Pitt. Later, we see him back at his country mansion enjoying yet more coffee, this time a foamy cappuccino. He’s alone, but isn’t cappuccino a morning drink?

What’s going on? Why does the older guy make Pitt his mailman? Is there no postal service in this part of France? Does Pitt really live alone? Did he go straight home after delivering the letter to Emma?

There’s been some speculation the older man is the ex-husband of Emma and he’s decided to turn the winery over to her. Or maybe he has Pitt delivering his promise to Emma that he’s finally going to give her the divorce she’s been seeking.

The second theory holds water (or maybe coffee) because it’s a handwritten note, not an official document. And I think I can make out the word “disappointing” on it as it briefly flashes by.

Maybe I’m imagining it. But I’m enjoying these stories. This one was made by Bennett Miller, who directed Pitt in “Moneyball.”

Now I want a coffee. ☕️


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