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⭐ Box Office Top 5 Movies + Trivia, Sept. 23-25 ⭐

Poster for Olivia Wilde's dystopian thriller "Don't Worry Darling," starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles.

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Movie box office results for the Sept. 23-25 weekend (all amounts US$) plus IMDb trivia:

1. Don't Worry Darling ($19.2M)

— It's the first movie to film at the Kaufmann Desert House, a modernist landmark in Palm Springs made famous by the 1970 Slim Aarons photo, "Poolside Gossip."

2. The Woman King ($11.1M)

Lupita Nyong'o was originally offered the title role of Nanisca, leader of Agojie female warriors. She turned it down because of concerns of their alleged complicity in the slave trade. Viola Davis ultimately took the role.

3. Avatar (re-release) ($10.0M)

— Environment-themed blockbuster made good use of recycling: most of the animal sounds were leftover dinosaur noises from "Jurassic Park," especially those from the T-Rex and Raptors.

4. Barbarian ($4.8M)

— The film's spooky Airbnb rental is located at 476 Barbary Street. Barbarians invaded Rome in the year 476.

5. Pearl ($1.9M)

— The pornographic movie shown to Pearl is "A Free Ride" (1915), a real vintage "stag" film.

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