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⭐️Movie Box Office + Trivia, Nov. 4-6⭐️

Comic book blockbuster "Black Adam" leads the parade for the third week running, followed by newcomer anime "One Piece Film: Red" and rom-com holdover "Ticket to Paradise."

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Movie box office results for the Nov. 4-6 weekend (all amounts US$) plus IMDb trivia:

1. Black Adam ($18.5M)

— The title character was originally supposed to debut last year in the supervillain comedy "The Suicide Squad." But the idea was dropped when James Gunn ('Guardians of the Galaxy") was named director.

— The character Uta, a musician, is named after the Japanese word for "song."

— German viewers of the film are getting an amusing callback to Clooney's time as the star of "ER," the hit 1990s TV hospital drama. It happens when Clooney's character David calls Roberts' character Georgia on her smartphone and the initials "ER" come through. The initials mean "he" in German.

4. Smile ($4.0M)

— Paramount’s horror thriller “Smile” grinned past the $200 million worldwide box office mark this weekend, an incredible payday for a film that cost just $17 million to produce.

5. Prey for the Devil ($3.9M)

— The film marks the last big-screen performance by actor Ben Cross ("Chariots of Fire"). He died on Aug. 18, 2020, while the movie was caught in pandemic limbo, awaiting release. 🌓

Sources: Box Office Mojo,, Wikipedia

Twitter: @peterhowellfilm


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