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Why sci-fi sequel Dune: Part Two is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2024

Timothée Chalamet stars in the celebrity-studded next chapter of Denis Villeneuve’s sci-blockbuster Dune franchise.

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Anticipating a potentially great movie, based on your favourite actors, directors or just advance buzz, is one of the pure joys of movie-going. Despite a reduced number of releases caused by industry strikes last year, 2024 looks to be another fine year for cinema.

Here are 10 films I’m eager to see, plus another 10 good reasons to trek to the multiplex or art house. (Release dates are subject to change.)

Dune: Part Two (March 1)

Quebec auteur Denis Villeneuve has kept us waiting for his followup to “Dune,” the first chapter of his take on the Frank Herbert classic sci-fi novel of spice raiders and environmental exploitation on the dusty planet Arrakis. The delay was not entirely Villeneuve’s fault; strikes by actors and writers forced a pause until Hollywood settled down and the actors could promote their efforts. Part One ended just as the political intrigue and territorial battles on Arrakis were getting good and the romance between Timothée Chalamet’s dynastic young leader, Paul Atreides, and Zendaya’s rebel Fremen warrior, Chani, was starting to sizzle. The action-packed trailer suggests our patience for Part Two will be rewarded. Cast additions include Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Léa Seydoux.



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