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🎃Movie Box Office + Trivia, Oct. 28-30🎃

"Black Adam" continues to top the weekend box office, followed by "Ticket to Paradise" and "Prey for the Devil."

Peter Howell

Movie Critic

Movie box office results for the Oct. 28-30 weekend (all amounts US$) plus IMDb trivia:

1. Black Adam ($27.7M)

— Jordan Peele ("Get Out," "Us," "Nope") was offered this directing gig, which he politely turned down: "I'm not a fan of superhero movies and I'd hate to take that chance away from a director who is passionate about them."

2. Ticket to Paradise ($10.0M)

— George Clooney's character makes a comment about an "age-appropriate date," which is a joke the notorious prankster gamely aims at himself. Clooney, 61, has long preferred the company of younger woman. His wife, Amal Clooney, is 17 years younger than him.

— "The Devil's Light" was the original title of this horror film. It was changed to "Prey for the Devil."

4. Smile ($5.0M)

— Paramount originally intended this low-budget horror film to be a streaming-only release. Enthusiastic test audiences scores prompted a theatrical run and "Smile" has proven to be one of the year's most profitable releases. The screamer will soon hit the $100-million mark at both the domestic and international box offices.

5. Halloween Ends ($3.8M)

— This is the 13th film in the "Halloween" franchise, but only the second one where masked killer Michael Myers is living in the sewers of Haddonfield. The other was "Halloween: Resurrection" in 2002. Was the Motel 6 full? 🌓

Sources: Box Office Mojo,, Wikipedia

Twitter: @peterhowellfilm


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