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The world's largest film festival . . . ever!


It's no moose-take! National Canadian Film Day 150, to be presented by REEL CANADA on April 19, 2017, is being billed as the largest film festival to ever take place in the world. Across the country, in every kind of venue imaginable -- think military bases, Canadian embassies, schools, theatres, community centres and more -- Canadian films will unspool. It is a massive celebration of this country's film culture to coincide with Canada's 150th anniversary.

“At REEL CANADA we believe that film captures the soul of a nation and its people, and what better way to commemorate Canada’s birthday than with a nationwide cultural celebration,” said Sharon Corder, the organization's artistic director, in a press release.

Ha ha, I hear you chuckling. . . You don't believe this nation has produced 150 Canadian films worth celebrating? You need to wake up and smell the Timmy's, my dear Rip Van Winkle. I started out making a list of my top five faves, and instantly realized I would need a top 10 list. But as you can see below, I had to keep going. Here are 15 of my favourites.

Arrival -- Directed by Denis Villeneuve (2016)

Away From Her -- Directed by Sarah Polley (2006)

The Decline of the American Empire -- Directed by Denys Arcand (1986)

Fire -- Directed by Deepa Mehta (1996)

The Hanging Garden -- Thom Fitzgerald (1997)

Incendies -- Directed by Denis Villeneuve (2010)

Mommy -- Directed by Xavier Dolan (2014)

One Week -- Directed by Michael McGowan (2008)

Sleeping Giant -- Directed by Andrew Cividino (2015)

Starbuck -- Directed by Ken Scott (2011)

Still Mine (Directed by Michael McGowan (2012)

Stories We Tell -- Directed by Sarah Polley (2012)

Water -- Directed by Deepa Mehta (2005)

The Whale -- Michael Parfit, Suzanne Chisholm (2011)

The World Before Her -- Nisha Pahuja (2012)

You can be part of this epic film fest by attending a public screening or hosting one of your own. There is info on hosting your own screening on the NCFD's sign-up page.

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