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Sundance goes deep on the environment

An Inconvenient Sequel, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore's followup to his Academy Award-winning 2006 doc, An Inconvenient Truth, is getting a huge share of the press as the Sundance Film Festival prepares to open its 2017 edition Thursday. An Inconvenient Sequel is making its world premiere as the kickoff to Sundance's The New Climate program, a slate of 14 documentaries, short films and virtual reality experiences. It is the first time Sundance has had a program dedicated to one topic.

While everyone is excited to see An Inconvenient Sequel, other presentations in The New Climate program sound equally promising. Here are some of the featured films in the program, with notes from the Sundance program included.

* Chasing Coral -- U.S.A.; directed by Jeff Orlowski. Synopsis: "Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world."

* Trophy: -- U.S.A.; directed by Shaul Schwarz and co-directed by Christina Clusiau. Synopsis: An "in-depth look into the powerhouse industries of big-game hunting, breeding and wildlife conservation in the U.S. and Africa unravels the complex consequences of treating animals as commodities."

* Water & Power: A California Heist -- U.S.A.; directed by Marina Zenovich. Synopsis: "In California's convoluted water system, notorious water barons find ways to structure a state-engineered system to their own advantage. This examination into their centers of power shows small farmers and everyday citizens facing drought and a new, debilitating groundwater crisis."

* Plastic China -- China; directed by Jiu-liang Wang. Synopsis: "Yi-Jie, an 11-year-old girl, works alongside her parents in a recycling facility while dreaming of attending school. Kun, the facility’s ambitious foreman, dreams of a better life. Through the eyes and hands of those who handle its refuse, comes an examination of global consumption and culture."

The Sundance festival runs from Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah.

Chasing Coral publicity photo

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